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Manage WhatsApp conversations on unlimited devices as a team

View and reply to WhatsApp Business messages on multiple devices via Number™ Desktop app.

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Team Inbox

Collaborate on WhatsApp conversations from a team inbox

View and reply to WhatsApp messages on unlimited devices as a team via Number™ Desktop app. Enable real-time collaboration, instantly assign conversations and optimize communication across your entire team.

Automated responses

Automate conversations with automated responses

Automate conversations using our easy-to-use chatbot builder which included support for customizable buttons. Engage your customers with interactive experiences, maximize efficiency, and provide amazing service 24/7.


Import contacts and send broadcast messages to unlimited recipients

Engage your audience by sending personalized promotions, updates, and offers in a single broadcast. Effortlessly import contacts and segment them based on specific criteria.

Quick replies

Reply faster with quick replies

Respond to messages efficiently using pre-defined responses, allowing you to automate manual message input and maximize efficiency.

WhatsApp Message Templates

Reply outside of WhatsApp 24h window with Message Templates

WhatsApp Message Templates are the only type of message that can be sent to customers who have yet to message you, or who have not sent you a message in the last 24 hours. Every Message Template needs to be approved by WhatsApp before sending.

Automate your sales and marketing messages

Connect the tools you use and put your communication on autopilot by automating the sending of shipping notifications, marketing promotions, and more.


Manage multiple WhatsApp numbers from one place

Easily manage multiple WhatsApp numbers from one centralized platform. Simplify your communication workflow by never switching between multiple accounts.

Connect WhatsApp with the tools you use

Instantly connect CRM, customer support, or any business tool you already use and automate manual message sending, sync data, and more.